Orange: With 1000frs Get 3 GB Data and 50,000frs for calls to all networks for 3 days

With Orange Cameroon’s Good Deal 1000 offer, you can get 3 GB of Internet and 50,000frs for calls to all networks for 3 days. This costs just 1000frs and it is cumulative, meaning you can activate twice to double your benefits, or thrice to triple your benefits.

Not all Orange phone numbers qualify for Good Deal so when you initiate the transaction we take a few seconds to verify your number qualifies. If your number was registered in the Northwest or Southwest region, it likely qualifies, more here.

You can use this link to activate good deal 1000 from the Switchn website: https://switchn.net/buy-airtime?code=GOOD-DEAL-1000&amount=1000. Enter the receiver number and payer number then click Buy Airtime.

When using the Switchn Android app, enter the code GOOD-DEAL-1000 in the promotion code field, then 1000 as the amount, then the receiver and payer number.

You may also like the Good Deal 500 offer – 1 GB of Internet and 20,000frs for calls to all networks for 2 days.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.




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