Reset your myxtremnet password by contacting CAMTEL on Facebook

You can reset your myxtremnet password by contacting CAMTEL on Facebook. At Switchn, we periodically help our customers do this.

  1. Visit the CAMTEL page on Facebook CAMTEL (Cameroon Telecommunications)
  2. Start a Messenger chat session by clicking on the « Message » button. Note this may be displayed differently on the mobile app.Start a Messenger chat session with CAMTEL
  3. Send a message like below stating you would like your myxtremnet password reset. Include the phone number and if possible the name the number was registered with (as on your ID card). Then wait for an agent to respond. CAMTEL reset password from Facebook example« Hi. Please I would like to reset my myxtremnet password. My number is 6xxxxxxxx. »

Note they won’t respond immediately sometimes, and on some days (like weekends) you may get an automated/robot response. Just be persistent and you will eventually get through.

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