Orange Cameroon Internet Bundles

Listed below are all internet bundles you can subscribe to on Orange Cameroon’s network. After choosing a bundle, you can buy Orange airtime at https://switchn.net/en/buy-airtime with MTN Mobile Money or Orange Money, no extra charges!

To subscribe to a bundle, dial #145*2# on your phone, then navigate to one of the bundles listed below. They are structured as in the USSD menu below.

  1. 24h

    Daily Orange internet bundles.

    1. 1000F = 2GB
    2. 500F = 600MB
    3. 250F = 250MB
    4. 100F = 100MB
    5. 102F = 80MB
  2. 3days

    3 days Orange internet bundles.

    1. 500F = 500MB
    2. 300F = 175MB
  3. 30days

    Monthly Orange internet bundles.

    1. 10000F = 1GB / day
    2. 8000F = 4.6GB
    3. 4000F = 1.5GB
    4. 2000F = 600MB
    5. 2040F = 3GB at night only


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